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Your Favorite Report Writer Is Back!

It’s true! Foxfire! has returned as Foxfire!/Pro Report Writer for ACCPAC Pro Series and it’s better than ever. Read our testimonials. Once again Foxfire!/Pro is sure to become the Report Writer of choice for Pro Series!


Produced by the original developer of Foxfire! for SBT (later called the SBT Report Writer), new Foxfire!/Pro is a specially crafted edition of the newest version of Foxfire! Report Writer from Micromega Systems. Its technology is seven years newer than the former, now-retired SBT Report Writer, and it’s a whole lot better!


Foxfire!/Pro offers has true ANSI SQL generation, inner and outer join support, smooth Excel spreadsheet or pivot table creation, HTML page markup, PDF and email support and much more. Read about our Features and Benefits.


Pro 7.1, Pro 7.2, Pro 7.3, Pro 7.4 and Pro 7.5 versions are available for both VFP and SQL.  Download a demo copy for Pro 7.1, Pro 7.2, Pro 7.3, Pro 7.4 or Pro 7.5


Foxfire/Pro comes in six configurations. Customers upgrading from earlier versions get a special price. Not for Resale copies are available to ACCPAC VARs. The chart below shows end user pricing (for new and upgrade copies).


Number of Concurrent Users

End User Pricing for New Copy

End User Pricing for Upgrade Copy




1 user – compiled

$ 350

$ 300

2 user – compiled

$ 700

$ 450

3 user – compiled


$ 675

4 user – compiled


$ 900

5 user – compiled


$ 1125

Unlimited Users with source code*


$ 1350


Where to Buy

Foxfire!/Pro is available only through ACCPAC VARs. Please contact your ACCPAC VAR for more information. If you do not currently have an ACCPAC VAR, email us at the address below, and we will assist you in finding one.

How to Buy

(ACCPAC VARs only) Click Pro 7.5, Pro 7.4, Pro 7.3, Pro 7.2, Pro 7.1 to download an order form now (ACCPAC VARs Only, Please). Then email to sales@foxfirepro.com or fax to (281) 538-3146

Note that each copy is distributed via internet download. There is 7.25% CA sales tax if the ship-to address is in California (CA sales tax won't apply if your Ship to address is outside California, or if we have a copy of your California Resale Certificate on file).

Questions Before You Buy

email sales@ddpcorp.com for sales information, or to mail an order form now.

General or Pre Sales Information

email info@ddpcorp.com for general information or answers to pre-sales questions, or visit our Features & Benefits page.

Technical Support (VARs Only Please).

Please visit our Technical Support page.

Legal Stuff

© Website and Foxfire! copyright in 2008 by Micromega Systems, Inc., World Rights Reserved. Foxfire!/Pro is produced and distributed by Micromega Systems, Inc. and Data Developers Plus. Foxfire! is a registered trademark of Micromega Systems, Inc. Foxfire!/Pro is a trademark of Micromega Systems, Inc.

ACCPAC and ACCPAC Pro Series are registered trademarks or trademarks of ACCPAC International, Inc., used under license. This product is not certified or endorsed by ACCPAC International, Inc.

* Source code is not included for certain components of the program related to security and licensing control.