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Just Look At These Features and Benefits — It's Better Than Ever

No question about it. Foxfire!/Pro for ACCPAC Pro Series is your best choice for ad hoc queries and reports.

Foxfire!/Pro is based on Foxfire! Report Writer v6.05, the leading end user reporting solution from Micromega Systems. It is distributed with over 400 commercial products. Foxfire!/Pro enables end users of ordinary skill levels to create all the sophisticated ad hoc reports they want - in minutes.

Foxfire! Report Writer was chosen by SBT and Comptrol to create the original SBT Report Writer and Foxfire! for SBT, which were indispensable add-ons for SBT Professional series and Vision Point. And now the newest version of this great tool adds effortless end user reporting to your ACCPAC Pro Series sales.

Here are some highlights of this great new product:

  • Multi-Company Rollup — Consolidate data from one or more affiliated companies into a single report
  • FoxPro Only or SQL Ready Version Pick the one that's right for your customer.
  • Add Data Sets, Custom Tables, and Relations — supplement Foxfire!/Pro's pre-defined data sets with whatever data sets and table relations you find useful
  • Restrict Available Data Item Lists to a Single Table — navigate through the full list of data items more quickly, by narrowing your choices to fields from a single table or a predefined grouping of fields from multiple tables
  • Limit Report Viewing to Just Yours — now you can look at just your own reports
  • Protect Your Own Reports From Modification by Others — no more teeth-gnashing surprises when someone else messes with your reports
  • PDF Output Support — integrate your favorite PDF writer (PDF writer software not included)
  • Import and Export Reports — send and receive reports to your customers including all required dictionary items and relationships. Write it at your office, and send it by email.
  • Explorer-style interface — familiar and easy for end users to navigate
  • Half Price Upgrades From Previous Versions of Report Writer — existing reports will be upgraded to the new version with an automated utility
  • Great Tech Support — Data Developers Plus, Corp. will provide outstanding and knowledgeable technical support via email

So what are you waiting for? Get a copy of Foxfire!/Pro for ACCPAC Pro Series today, and watch your customers start smiling again!

Click here to download an order form now (ACCPAC VARS Only, Please). Then email to sales@foxfirepro.com or fax to 208/723 9532

Note that orders are typically fulfilled via the Internet.  Hard copy on CD can be requested for an additional $20 + shipping/handling charge.