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Why Should You Resell Foxfire!/Pro for ACCPAC Pro Series?

Look What ACCPAC VARs Are Saying!

" As both a user and Reseller of Foxfire! for Pro Series we have found the product to be both robust and user friendly. As a sales person I gage a product by how simple it is for me to pick up and use. With Foxfire! I was creating logical, effective and useable reports within half an hour! Go for it, it's great"

Bruce Anderson
Sales and Administration
Power Business Systems,

"I've used Foxfire! Report Writer for Pro Series since Pro 3.2, and my clients find it an indispensable tool for gathering information in a useful and easy to use format. It allows the user to create reports easily, and also allows me as a developer to create complex reports are easy for my users to run."

Colleen Lyke

Lyke Enterprises


"I have used, recommended and sold dozens of Foxfire! licenses for as long as it has been available for SBT and, later, ACCPAC accounting software. It's the best product available for building reports and extracting data from ACCPAC Pro Series software. Any non-technical Pro Series reseller or intelligent end-user can figure it out and become productive quickly."

Matthew Lefkowitz
Lefkowitz Systems, Inc.


"The Foxfire! Report Writer has set the standard for Pro Series Report writing over the years. It is an extremely powerful tool that empowers both the end user and Reseller. The biggest advantage of Foxfire over its competitors, such as Crystal reports, is its awareness of how the Pro Series current and history files are related and how it handles these files without the need for the end user to create complex relations and filters."

Jay Rubin
DFC Systems

"We have sold a lot of ACCPAC Pro Series because of the added functionality that Foxfire!/Pro (Report Writer) offers the product. Our clients like the ability to customize reports on any combination of ACCPAC Pro data without having to hire or staff in-house programmers.

A number of our clients were specifically waiting for your product before upgrading to Pro 7.1. They would not upgrade without a solution for Report Writer and we are so excited for its release.

Thanks for the hard work. The new interface looks great."

Gary Jensen
Account Tec, Inc.

So Give Your Customers Foxfire!/Pro and Make Them Smile Again!!!